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Argentine Tango with Tom Stermitz

Tom is a teacher of Argentine Tango who specializes in the social style of Tango. That means: "the way tango is danced in the dance halls of Buenos Aires." This style is easier than more performance-oriented styles.

Tango Series Continues in May!

4-Wednesdays "Intermediate Close Embrace Topics" starting May 3 - $65/4-weeks
4-Wednesdays "New Beginner" starting May 3 - $45/4-weeks
4-Tuesdays "Intermediate" starting May 2 - $10/class
6:15 - 7:30 Denver Turnverein 
1570 N Clarkson, Denver 80218

In our 4-week beginner series you will learn basic tango steps, and how to mix-and-match them to navigate around the dance floor. No partner necessary!

Tom was a founding member of Tango Colorado and he has 25 years of experience teaching Argentine Tango in Colorado, and has been invited to teach in other parts of the US or Europe. For 15 years Tom was the Artistic Director and Organizer of the Denver Tango Festivals, which brought hundreds of tango dancers to Denver twice a year.

My understanding of Tango was totally upended after my first trip to Buenos Aires. After a couple of years learning Argentine Tango, I thought I knew something. I discovered however, that although I knew tango steps, I couldn't navigate, didn't feel the music, and had no understanding of the essence of tango. At that point, I began the journey of trying to understand tango "The way it is danced in Argentina."

That understanding is what Tom presents in his classes.

Here is a video from Russian TV in 2003 when Tom was invited to teach with Brigitta Winkler and Cacho Dante at the Moscow Milonguero Festival.

Structured Learning

Tom's classes are designed to have you up and dancing social-style Argentine Tango as quickly as possible. The curriculum is a progressive series of skill building and vocabulary (steps) for navigating the dance floor and interpreting the music. Each musical element can be learned separately and integrated with previously mastered material. This gives you a logical set of dance moves that doesn't depend on memorizing all of them.

Tom is available for private lessons in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, and he presents regular Wednesday classes in Denver.

The Romance of Argentine Tango

At its best Argentine Tango is a trance, danced so closely that you feel your partner's heart beat and share the rhythm of their breathing. Tango looks complex, but it's easier to accomplish if you learn the dance as a combination of short, simple patterns.

More about Tom's Classes

Phone: 303-725-5963

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